The Junior Historian of Texas is a statewide extracurricular program that provides middle school and high school students (youth ages 11-17­) with a unique and exciting volunteer opportunity.  Junior Historians gain valuable leadership experience and improve their public speaking skills while volunteering at Farmstead events, attending monthly meetings, and participating in a group or individual projects.   Members will have the opportunity to learn about North Texas history through creative and fun ways such as art, archaeology, hands on demonstrations, maps, music, museum objects, and more!  Members will also participate in a two day Junior Historian Camp.

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Junior Historians attend monthly meetings at the Farmstead on the first Monday of each month at 4:45pm.  The Junior Historian of Texas is a club associated with the National History Club and the Texas Historical Association.  Throughout the year Junior Historians will elect officers, attend a field trip, and have the option to attend the annual Junior Historian Meeting (2017 meeting is located in Waco, TX).

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If you would like more information on the Junior Historian Program contact Lindsay Bradshaw at