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Museum After Dark: UTOPIA! Looking for the Garden of Eden in Texas

Museum After Dark on July 23 is sold out.

Museum After Dark Presents: UTOPIA!  Looking for the Garden of Eden in Texas with Rose-Mary Rumbley, Ph.D.

Character traits are innate; a person is born the way he is. However, in the early 1800s a new belief prevailed – improved environment could adjust a persons behavior for the better. One had only to go to a better place–a Utopia, and they would become a better person!  Where was this perfect place?  Why, TEXAS, of course!

Rose-Mary Rumbley’s lively speeches and informative neighborhood history tours are sellouts months in advance and her breadth of knowledge about all things Dallas is spectacular.  Historian, humorist, author, and actress, Rumbley, who appeared in the movie Paper Moon, is this area's most in-demand and sought after public speaker and storyteller. She speaks on dozens of topics, from the history of Dallas to old-time radio, vaudeville, and Broadway shows, Rumbley makes any subject fascinating with her cornucopia of facts and fun. Her humor is woven throughout her informative talks and her well-placed "zingers" cause even the most restrained to let out belly-laughs.


Tickets are $15.00 per person.

Ticket price includes wine, soft drinks, and light hors d'oeuvres.



Hillary Kidd - Curator

Phone: 972-881-0140

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